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Actually, once she was in private, Dawn might freak a little bit herself. This was really, really not good. Told me he had a special show just for me. Mouthed off a bit to distract him, and he smacked me around for my trouble. Then he started torturing him. Not that it really mattered. The part that mattered was that he was a vampire victim. Alternating blades, shallow cuts. Maximum pain, lots of panic, but a nice slow bleed, to allow the greatest possible time until loss of consciousness or death.

She was doing her best to keep it professional. It had taken years to stop being angry with herself for not doing something, anything different- something that would have saved her sister and changed everything that happened after that night. The best part of a decade, actually. Agent DiNozzo had evidently not been expecting to hear that. Before he could respond, someone else joined the conversation. Dawn tried not to snicker as Adagio - Beethoven*, Friedrich Gulda - Piano Sonatas (Complete) winced.

The annoyed looking gray haired guy behind him had to be his boss. Boss, our witness, Dawn Summers. Woke up here with a front row seat for the torture and murder of Corporal McCarthy. When the perps took off, Ms. Summers managed to break free and did what she could for the other victim. I hate Tuesdays. He works at the Pentagon. I touched base with him this afternoon The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off after I checked in to my hotel, then I had to drive down here to meet with some stupid brassa- um, general type people.

He tried not to look at her too much. I think the idea was to let it drive me crazy that I could call for help if I could only reach it. A little round of mind games to warm up before they started in on the physical torture. Oh my god, one of those bastards took it! They must have pulled it off while I was still out. Was it valuable? They must have taken it while I was still out. Everything in this building is evidence right now.

Dawn tried to get herself back under control. It was probably in there somewhere. The locket had a cross on the outside- it was doubtful the vamps would have held onto it. Gibbs stayed where he was, satisfied to let DiNozzo finish questioning her. I was freaking out, but the guy doing it must have expected that, cause he just laughed. Actually, I think he kinda got off on it. While he was busy with McCarthy, I tried to work my hands free. She tried not to rub at her sore wrists.

The guy torturing Corporal McCarthy yelled at his buddies. Dawn felt safe adding as many truthful details as she could, like the snarling.

That particular detail would lead to a whole world of questions she did not want to answer. He was pretty messed up, but still breathing, so I tried to put pressure on his wounds, stop the bleeding. I think I just made it worse, there was blood everywhere Dawn looked down at her bloody hands. Our picnic included backyard tic-tac-toe, disposable wooden cutlery along with our favorite books and magazines. What comes from a Cedar Creek education? What does a Cedar My Wish Came True - Elvis Presley - 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong - Elvis Gold Records, Vol. graduate look like?

For starters, our comprehensive curriculum plays a large part in forming a graduate. From Pre-Kindergarten through the 12th grade, our highly trained teachers work as a cohesive team to ensure students are prepared for their post-secondary lives. For the great majority of our students, that translates to attending a four-year institution, and the overwhelming majority of those who choose in-state schools do so with the benefit of TOPS.

To paint further the portrait of a Cedar Creek graduate, look at what has been achieved by the extraordinary number of students who earned Advanced Placement Scholar Awards for their outstanding performance on the college-level exams.

In20 of our students and graduates were named AP Scholars, which is a national recognition of their exemplary accomplishments. Our graduates have also accomplished much academically outside the classroom.

They have been accepted to some of the top programs that engage students in a variety of experiences, such as the United States Senate Youth Program, the Louisiana Youth Advisory Council and the American College of Cardiology. Community service is a cornerstone of a Cedar Creek graduate. Students clock in countless hours serving others.

The classes of performed more than 20, hours of volunteer service. Several of our students have been recognized regionally and nationally for their extraordinary work in the community. Cougar graduates can also measure their successes in athletic and other extracurricular endeavors. They do not settle for the easy answers and demonstrate Bonfires - Ulum - Iron Mountain ability to persevere in the face of difficulty.

We ensure that we have a meaningful and consistent level of communication with our Cedar Creek family Two Times - AM & Shawn Lee - La Musique Numérique facilitate this partnership. Our faculty also realizes that no two students are alike and possess different learning styles.

To facilitate those various styles, we work to present lessons in a variety of methods to both challenge and inspire students. Throughout their academic careers, students are motivated to cultivate a love of learning in a nurturing environment. What this dedication to learning equates to is a graduate who will not only survive but thrive in the post-secondary world. Cedar Creek School seeks to provide a superior college preparatory educational experience to students in North Central Louisiana based on the highest standards of academic excellence and personal conduct.

In that class, Hayes discovered that watercolor was a difficult, unforgiving medium, but he also learned a lot about pure design and hard work. He carried those lessons throughout his career in architecture and as a painter. I can sort of manhandle that, and the process of doing it creates a wonderful character.

In the structure and organization of his sinceand his goal for each painting work, viewers can see the connection to architecture. Born in McComb, Mississippi, Hayes spent his early childhood in the Deep South, but at the age of seven, he found himself boarding the S. President Wilson bound for Vietnam where his parents served as missionaries until the conditions of war made life too unsafe. Approximately other Americans lived in the country at the time, and from 3rd through 6th grade, Hayes, along with his The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Offattended the American Community School.

Although some Vietnamese children attended the school, the student body was composed mostly of children of American diplomats and expatriates who worked for big corporations operating in Saigon. Approximately four years after settling in Vietnam, the Hayes family moved to Da Lat, Vietnam, where they lived in a beautiful resort created by the French.

In the meantime, war tensions continued to rise, and in FebruaryPresident Johnson ordered all dependents of government personnel out of Vietnam.

As a result, Hayes and his brother were moved to Bangkok, as well. Although his parents, who remained behind with his younger sister, never seemed scared or worried, Hayes said being transported by the U. Army on a C was scary. While attending the International School, they lived in a hostel for Southern Baptist missionary children that was located right on the canal. They lived in and were surrounded by both modernist and French colonial architecture.

Some were really complex in terms of form and shape. In addition to the architecture, Hayes has memories of breathtaking scenery, particularly a drive through the mountains from Saigon to Da Lat that his family took in the early 60s before the roads were overrun with Army trucks. From the windows of their Volkswagen microbus, Hayes watched in awe as they glided in and out of the clouds. Growing up there, Hayes took everything in. The culture, landscape, and architecture became part of who he is, and viewers can see their influence in the many layers of his paintings, in the grids that echo the modular spaces of his childhood, and in the bicycle motifs that recall the Saigon streets, which swarmed with them.

However, Asian culture had become so ingrained that on the trip back to the U. Hayes The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off it a bit strange to see Caucasian men working under the planes. It was at Louisiana Tech where his lasting passion for architecture and painting truly developed.

For Hayes, the process of creation is a struggle that borders on torture at times. Everything in his house is on the table The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off subject to be reconsidered, remade and attacked with zeal…even his own previous renovations. The process is recursive, and every layer is continually evolving. It is subject to be changed, painted over, drawn on, or carved into at any stage.

Begin, stop, erase, rethink, redo, remove, question, begin again, alter, erase, remove. Begin, stop, organization of the painting. From the beginning, Hayes erase, rethink, redo, remove, has been conscious of the question, begin again, alter, painting surface and the character that can be created erase, remove. He likes the fact simplifying and honing.

The category is too broad and encompasses too much. But Hayes shared that his work has at times been compared to the work of Richard Diebenkorn whose geometric, lyrical abstract paintings helped him achieve worldwide recognition. At least initially, the similarity was serendipitous. After retiring from Louisiana Tech, Tim and his wife moved into a new home he designed himself.

When looking at the home The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off the outside, the numerous horizontal and perpendicular lines make an impression. In his paintings, these lines become the graphic and organizational devices that help deliver the meaning.

In creating his recent The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode OffHayes said he derives inspiration not from objects but instead from the challenge of trying to find and create something new and powerful. Just like I was compelled to build this house. Just like everyone is compelled to do something. He referenced a book by Malcom Gladwell called Outliers in which Gladwell argues Consider Yourself - Lionel Bart - The World Of Oliver! it The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off 10, hours of practice to become an expert The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off something.

The same is true for Hayes who compared it to losing a cherished pet. Of course, selling work is a basic requirement for any professional artist. Fortunately, there is some The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off in seeing others respond to the work. Hayes hopes to create something that triggers an emotion.

As Americans we enjoy the festivities of the 4th of July holiday with friends and family but it is important to remember not only what the day commemorates but who is responsible for our continuing ability to celebrate this special day.

It is our American veterans who have undertaken the almost incomprehensible task of agreeing to wage war in order to bring about peace. To help a non-veteran understand what I mean, I can only turn to another quote; a quote from an anonymous source that was first made around the time of World War I; but a quote that is well known to those who have served in uniform.

The men and women who choose to serve our country come from all walks of life. But most of these people share several fundamental qualities; they possessed courage, pride, determination, selflessness, dedication.

They were called to be part of something bigger than themselves and the Bet You Never Know - The Bloodfire Possé* - Rough they had at home.

They were ordinary people who responded in extraordinary ways in extreme times. I know the things that I say are true because I am honored and humbled to know many, many people who have served in the United States military; most of whom served during times of war. But this neither changes nor diminishes what I say about other veterans. What I will agree applies to me as it does to all veterans is our common background of service to our Nation joins us together like no other bond.

The camaraderie shared in military service helps define what a veteran is in his or her heart. I can honestly say the time I spent as a member of the United States Marine Corps has made more impact on my life than almost anything else I have experienced. Although I was in the Corps but a few years, and that was many decades ago, what I learned from others about duty and honor, and what I learned about myself, will stay with me and define me until the day I die.

I know this is the Message To Earth - Working Together EP for all veterans. May God bless our veterans one and all for bearing the fatigue of supporting our freedom.

May all Americans bless our veterans for giving us the opportunity and privilege to celebrate the The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off of July each year. Rain the Salon and Day Spa is the best place to find the latest products and tools to help you slay the summer.

From hair and body products to cosmetics and tools, here is the must have list of products for the summer. They are cruelty free and handmade without any palm oil, sulfates, Parabens or phthalates. Every product they make is crafted, poured, cut and packaged in small batches and by hand.

Some favorites include Bliss, Rosemary Eucalyptus and Naked. Infused with hydrating ingredients, this hair care regimen provides essential moisture The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off help tame waves, curls and coils, and leaves textured hair healthy and conditioned.

Calming lavender and mint extracts put the mind at ease. The Moisture Milk gives curls the daily The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off and frizz control they need with this milky leave-in conditioner. The non-greasy formula nourishes wavy, curly and coily hair with monoi, pequi Facta Non Verba - Various - Area The Secret Volume 3 jojoba oils.

It adds layerable moisture, shine and definition to protect strands. Infused with pampering lavender, peppermint and tea tree oil, the spa-like Lavender Mint fragrance indulges the senses and relaxes mind and spirit for a soothing aromatherapy experience. From shapeshifting primers to endless glitter, their high-tech formulas and ingredients deliver unrivaled performance.

This polish delivers even coverage and brilliant shine and is chip-resistant. Palace in Wonderland is a metallic fuchsia pink giving your nails a pop of summer color. Simply place the hair flat into the slot and smooth or swirl as desired.

The pure tourmaline floating plates and ionic technology allow the styling wand to rapidly heat up to degrees, with four adjustable temperatures that you control. Extended edges give you even more control, and the floating plates avoid creasing and tugging, creating hassle-free styles that last. The degree swivel cord provides wrist comfort and tangle-free styling for beauty enthusiasts and hair styling professionals alike.

With its dual voltage power supply and compact design, you can take the Sutra Beauty Styling Wand anywhere, and create a wide range of styles with a single tool. It is fragrance and oil free and can be used as a finishing powder. You can use as a toning powder to give extra warmth and glow. Its undertones of yellow and yellow-orange provide warmth and tone. Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood delicately scent hair and skin, while a restorative blend of nourishing oils, including sweet almond, meadowfoam and starflower, impart a satin glow and silk-finish softness.

It locks in moisture to hydrate, smooth and soften your summer The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off. Not only can you find the best products and tools at Rain, you can find the best services.

Hillary Dans specializes in facial waxing, as well as bikini, arms, legs, chest and back. Whether you are looking to the latest products, tools or services, Rain the Salon and Day Spa has everything you need to slay the summer! During the actual meeting, I listened to the debate and quickly noticed that few of my female colleagues spoke out against the issue. This floored me because many of them had confided in me during the days leading up to the meeting.

After the meeting concluded, I asked a particularly passionate Tutti Fruitti - Delaney & Bonnie & Friends With Eric Clapton - On Tour why she remained silent during the discussion.

My mind flooded with several similar instances I The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off experienced during meetings in which I later regretted not articulating my thoughts. Apparently, I am not alone. You do not need to spend hours researching information before your meeting, but you should be armed with enough relevant data so that you can speak coherently on the topic. The act of preparation will also ensure you feel more confident during the meeting.

Review any materials e-mailed to participants before the meeting, and jot down your ideas. Note any questions you may have as well. Questions illustrate your The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off and often lead to a solution. If you work in human resources, you are still qualified to offer advice on an issue facing the financial department. Elaborate on your opinions and include an anecdote that illustrates your understanding of the issue.

I cannot count the number of times I chose not to be on the agenda because I deemed my issues not important enough to be included. A meeting is a great opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and communicate what you have.

It is important for your colleagues and supervisors to have an active understanding of your role within the company. Avoid looking at your phone or laptop, even if others are doing so. This immediately signals to others that you are not paying attention and that you are disengaged. While it sounds counterintuitive, do not take scrupulous notes during the meeting because you will be viewed as a junior team member.

Taking a few notes relevant to your area is fine, but remember to remain engaged, make eye contact with others, and voice your opinions as much as possible. Remind yourself why you care about your role and your company. When you are committed to your job, you feel a deeper sense of purpose, which increases your confidence. Instead, you are expressing your opinion because you care about the topic. You will feel calmer and more confident, and The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off voice will actually sound stronger.

Allow yourself to pause between thoughts. Would my comments simply embarrass someone? If so, the answer regarding whether or not to publicly share was clear. If you are unsure, it is best to mitigate any potential embarrassment and share your thoughts privately. Laura W. Lemon Cheesecake The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off Ingredients: 2 sheets refridgerated pie crust 1 10 oz jar lemon curd may substitute lemon pudding Filling: 1 pkg 8oz cream cheese softened 1 tsp.

Cut 3 inch circles from both sheets of pie crust. Press into bottom and part way up sides of uncreased muffin cups. Prick bottoms with fork. Bake until light brown, minutes. Remove from pan and cool. Beat Cream cheese and vanilla. Spoon 2 Tbs filling into each tart shell.

Top each with 1 tsp lemon curd or pudding. Top with blueberries - refrigerate until serving. Dust with confectioners sugar. I believe that it is a space — or moment in time - where you are truly happy and fulfilled with every aspect of who you are and what you are doing. For instance, when I am in flow, I feel rejuvenated, excited and optimistic about the things to come.

During these times I can come up with and Moon River - Werner Müller Und Sein Orchester - Party Rakete 66 (Werner Müller Spielt Zum Tanz) great ideas that will propel me forward in my career and in my home life.

No job or goal feels too large or overwhelming, and I can get things done! Needless to say, I love finding my flow and I try to stay in it as long as possible. If not, I am here to help you find it and you can thank me later!

What were you doing? What time of the day did it begin and end? Did it last several days to weeks or mere hours? If you have never been Russischer Seemannstanz (Aus Der Rote Mohn) - Various - Aufforderung Zum Tanz an optimum place, this is your time to use your visualization skills and actually imagine yourself there.

Then you can answer the same questions above. The answers to these questions are important because they will help you to replicate the flow experience. After all, you have to know where you are going in order to get there!

When you are in flow, you are so focused that you are not easily distracted. However, this is a learned skill. You have to become mindful of the distractions and then let them be. Do not entertain them during your most important tasks, and you will be able to hang in there longer.

The good news is that once a task is. Flow is a compounding state. The more you flow, the more you flow! This good place can be almost perpetual if you practice it enough. Unfortunately, this is a KEY part of getting in or being in flow. You have to love what you are doing or you will never reach flow. So if you are currently in a job or situation that you do not love, change it now.

You should have an organized and clean space that is full of things that inspire you — books, pictures, pets, etc. All of these things will remind you of the task at hand and will contribute to keeping you in or getting you in flow.

Think about it, can you concentrate in chaos and disarray? I bet not. Do you feel more alive when you are reading a good book and have your kitty in your lap? I also keep a notebook and pens near my workspace so I can jot down ideas as they come into my mind. When are you at your best? Early morning? Late night? Or somewhere in between? To find your flow you MUST know your best times of the day and then schedule tasks accordingly.

Be sure to schedule thinking time and reading time, too. It is imperative that you do things that inspire you and make you feel alive. What does that The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off like for you? For me, I feel alive and excited when I am reading, playing with my. I make sure to include at least one of these activities into my every day. I know you have heard this advice before, but did you take it? Do you do one thing every day that scares you or pushes you out of your comfort zone?

I may not fit something into every single day, but I certainly look for ways to do this multiple times per week. Some ideas include — trying a new restaurant, going to a networking meeting, reaching out to a potential client that you have never met, posting a less than flattering picture of yourself on social media, etc.

The ideas are endless! To stay in flow you must begin to notice the things that you are grateful for. Make it a ritual to think of two The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off three things that you are grateful for every night before going to bed. What happened to you today that made you happy, for instance? The bird that visited your garden? The smile your daughter gave you after bath time? Now that you are in flow, you can reap the rewards.

You will feel happier and you will get more done than you ever thought possible. You are the only one who can stall your flow.

Will you let that happen? I hope not. If you ever get out of flow and need help getting back in, please email me. Things that are falling apart have an appeal that shiny and new cannot replace. There is nothing more gorgeous than patina lived-in leather or the simple beauty of faded vintage fabric. Sometimes a little dent or or a bit nicked just means that a life has been lived and a story is there to share. Try looking on your vacation this summer for fabrics or materials that appeal to you.

Think outside the box and search for pillow covers, fabric panels, dish cloths anything that might be handmade that you can use in a new way. Cover a footstool, sew an arm chair cover or maybe frame a piece of vintage torn wallpaper. There are so many ways to give new life to antique or one of a kind textiles that make them truly one of a kind.

Aged or worn pottery is a sought after commodity by many garden enthusiasts. When looking at an object that has so many unspoken stories from its former life, it seems exciting to be able to share a part of its history.

Vintage tea cup broken? Give it a new visual in your home or garden by nestling it in a potted herb or succulent plant. Use them and enjoy them in a new way. The colors from these dishes and ginger jars and chargers are a magnificent addition to your garden landscape. Use different base materials like fish bones, snail shells, tree bark favorites of a magical artist, Tony Duquette and transfer them into a cage with a variety of plantings.

Many times you will find an architecture element like a cornice or concrete bust or base of a plant stand. Look at how you can you can provide movement and spontaneity and a new life of beauty to these treasures. Loving the ruined is so easy! You are breathing new life into your world by reinventing what is many times considered old, worn-out or ruined. Open your eyes to view and enjoy all those the diamonds in the rough. In early high school she was involved in a youth praise band, while also getting her first guitar and self-teaching.

And I would never play guitar in front of anybody, I would never sing in front of anybody. Like Long, Gleason also grew up around music. In that time, Long started dabbling in songwriting where her confidence steadily peaked. Gleason would help lead worship with Long occasionally, which advanced into playing and messing with tunes after practice where they shared ideas back and forth until they had a first song.

The lyrics come first because they want the feel of a song to capture what the lyrics are trying to convey. For Long, word chaos ends up having a self-evident flow. Most of their lyrics are a collaboration with some lines in the versus belonging to each, which for Gleason is strange and for Long funny, especially when you can tell which line belongs to which songwriter. For the last three years, Ruston youth have been resurrecting the concept of punk-rock basement shows from the seventies.

Predominantly attended by a college crowd, these shows are music-driven, bringing in local and out-of-town acts. A bunch of people were invited, and after that, others got the idea to take advantage of all The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off random connections that existed in coinciding circles. At these house shows local bands are usually honored first, but bands from Hattiesburg, southern Louisiana, and Texas have ventured to these exclusive performances.

Written mostly by Gleason, it was the fastest song they have thrown together. They kept doing house shows in Ruston with the most recent played at The Farm, another house-based music venue for people of all ages. It was an easy step. It only took them two days to record ten songs, five of which have been published as singles on Spotify.

Gleason considers Love an important piece of the band. Love helped in recording, producing, and editing tracks. The plan is to release a split album side A, side B style that symbolizes the before and after of their progression.

A story will play out through the lyrics, a play on dark and light, going from obscurity to knowing. Their message is for the world, not just a specific group of people. The concept of their Delivering - Analogix - Ri-Man Skill is to open up conversations and allow for listeners to press into difficult life ideas and gain some understanding through whatever process they are The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off through.

Much like the Socratic paradox—a wise man knows he knows nothing—Whys of the Wise believes there is a truth to be found and that it begins with asking wise questions. Listen to Whys of the Wise on Spotify and give them a follow on Instagram. Daytime, nighttime, muddy water, clear water, shallow water or deep water, the Chatterbait catches fish regardless of where it is fished.

Since the introduction of several copycat models of the original Chatterbait, the bladed jig industry is still one of the top selling lures in the fishing world. A few of the lures selling points are that it is easy to fish, even for beginning anglers and it is good for not just bass but other species of fish as well. This lure also gave fishermen a more effective tool when fishing scattered shallow grass. These are the true magic ones. A good example is the Rapala Shad Rap.

I have often said in bass fishing nothing is really new. Lures are taken back to the drawing board and simply made better than the original. The hardware is better, the hooks better and other overall appearance of the bait is the same. But it still catches fish.

That is a high compliment to give a fishing lure. On any river, lake, stream, or pond that holds bass it will catch fish. While the lure was being used for these larger fish, anglers would catch bass, very big bass on their fishing trips. Soon after this topwater lure was introduced out west and became one of the secret baits of the western pros because of its ability to catch a larger size bass.

Once the lure gained it big fish catching reputation and slowly made its way east, the rest they say is history. The Whopper Plopper now comes in several different sizes and most anglers have at least The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off or two laying in their tackle box ready for action. The size 90 is highly regarded as the most popular Return To Frog City - Southern Comfort - Frog City and bone being the most popular color.

The demand for the lure became overwhelming and anglers clamored to buy whatever ones they could find regardless of the cost. Soon after spin off versions of the The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off Rig were coming out of the woodworks but regardless of the kind you used, it still caught fish.

So well as a matter of fact that some tournament organizations outlawed them in tournament use. I can think of no better compliment to give a lure than to admit it gives Vapour Trails - Killian! - A Strange Time to Wake Up an unfair advantage.

One of the spin-offs of the Alabama rig was to introduce much larger versions and smaller versions of the original. The smaller versions are quite manageable and work very well when dressed with smaller swim baits.

Once used for plying thick grass, duckweed and other aquatic vegetation, the Spro Frog allowed anglers to cover all aspects of shallow water fishing with or without grass. The beauty of this lure is it minimizes hang ups, is easy to fish, catches numbers of bass and can catch an angler the fish of a lifetime. The Scum Frog and other frog imitations may have cracked the window open, it was the Spro Frog series that blew the door off.

Looking back over the lures I just listed it occurred to me that I have caught bass on each one of these baits in all twelve months of the year. Sure, the conditions warranted using the lures at the particular time but that still says a lot about their fish catching abilities. Not many lures can do that. Well it looks like we have run out of space again for another month. I Codes - Protonica - Form Follows Function hope we were able to give you some information that will help you catch more fish the next time you are out on the water.

Please be careful out on the water, drink plenty of water, and use plenty of sunscreen. Catch one for The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off and I will see you next month.

For far John Sebastian - Welcome Back long, fear and anxiety have kept people from receiving oral care.

IV Sedation is a procedure in which anti-anxiety medication is administered into the blood system during dental treatment to help patients feel calm and relaxed.

IV and other forms of sedation offered at NELA Dental can help eliminate anxiety and save you from a laundry list of problems.

IV Sedation works very quickly and dosage levels can be adjusted. Most patients sleep peacefully throughout the appointment. A rare few will stay awake during the procedure but in either case patients have very little memory of the procedure.

Often times, sedation allows patients to have multiple procedures completed in Redwing - California Blues / Dark Thursday visit.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child should see The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off dentist by age one or six months after their first tooth appears. Typically, most children will visit the dentist for the first time by age three.

Some experts believe that waiting to take a child to the dentist can escalate fears and anxiety. No matter if a child is visiting a dentist for the first time or if they have frequent appointments, there is a good chance their nerves will get the best of them.

One way to help calm the dentist jitters is to show them what a dentist visit is all about. Another recommendation is to allow extra time for that first visit. This way, the visit is not rushed or chaotic. A stressed or rushed parent can have a negative effect on a child. Also, make sure your child is well rested. A well-rested child is more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our friendly team of dentists is ready to get your child started with good dental habits. We offer flexible appointment times at three convenient locations. Our offices are located in Monroe, Farmerville, and Oak Grove. Our dentists are ready to help guide you and your family to a strong smile and healthy living. Your teeth and gums are directly linked to great overall health. We want our patients to be The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Offlaugh, smile, and have the ability to eat.

We also want to help patients make dental visits a priority. We understand unplanned dental expenses are often a surprise. That is why our plan offers discounts when you need them, allowing you the freedom to focus on other things important to you and your family.

We offer two membership plans to fit your needs. We are proud to provide quality service and dentistry across Northeast Louisiana. And thank you to our wonderful staff. Your hard work makes it possible to provide the highest quality dental care in the area!

And we have acted pride of country and respect for our flag is still my practice. So you with no anticipation of anything in return. So, it is wearisome to can understand my recent consternation when a member of one of me to have to listen to those who are constantly belittling the nation our national athletic teams announced that she would no longer I love. If she holds our nation in her record in the world.

I am not blind to the fact that we are a nation that has its flaws, but those such disdain, the proper action for her flaws are dwarfed by positive traits would be to withdraw from the U. I, personally, would welcome immigrants who seek a better life in her departure, because I find it the U.

So it this country. I would for the good of The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off nations. How Much Do I Owe You - The Swanee Quintet - The Best Of two caution those who are guilty of such World Wars, our country has come to be careful, for He may grow weary to the defense of those threatened of that kind of behavior.

And This month, we celebrate the after helping defeat those enemies birth of our nation. Middle East. Due to publishing deadlines, I Additionally, l am proud that the U. My The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off and I were in Berlin shortly after the infamous over one million service men and women who gave their lives in the Iron Curtain was torn down, and the differences we observed defense of our freedom.

In view of their ultimate sacrifice, the only between the prosperity in the former Soviet sector and that in the reason I would ever take a knee when our anthem is being played part of Berlin occupied by the U. They were getting married, having babies, buying bigger houses, taking grownup jobs. I remember the endless weddings, always the bridesmaid or resentful of not being asked even though the whole ordeal can be a racket.

I remember numerous kid birthday parties, with paper party hats and Minnie Mouse-themed two-tiered cakes. We tend to define accomplishments in people. I now know better. I would lament to friends about the constant reminders. It was selfish of me to complain, but it had never had to be about anyone else. What bothered me was all that mattered to me.

However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin, vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now. It is too late. There are no lights inside the cars. No light anywhere. Above him lift girders old as an iron queen, and glass somewhere far above that would let the light of day through. But coming down in total blackout, without one glint of light, only great invisible crashing. It was first released in Japan inand was later released internationally in Emerald's reception was generally positive upon release.

Contents 1 Gameplay 2 Setting and story 3 Development and promotion 4 Reception 4. Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall Day by day, kickin' all the way, I'm not cavin' in Let another round begin, live to win Yeah, live, yeah, win Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall Day by day, kickin' all The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off way, I'm not cavin' in Let another round begin, live to win Live to win Live to win Yeah, live, yeah, win.

There is a CUM alert in aisle 4! Someone came all over the floor. There is cum everywhere. You cannot stand in aisle The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off without seeing or feeling semen.

The amount of sperm and ejaculate in aisle 4 is simply unnatural. Please for the love of God, we need a cleanup in aisle 4. This lagoon of cum must have been produced by a fucking blue whale.

Oh God I can smell it. The cum has invaded my nostrils. There is so much cum. I cannot see. It's all white. Mom please help. Someone calloror a scientist I don't know. My friend's response to "you can't out-pizza the hut" Dude wow ha-ha. But actually you're wrong. Dominos Pizza clearly "out-pizza"d the hut.

Jude charity. The hottest and sexiest car on the market, coated in amazing Dominos logos and classic de- signs, this hot rod will have you on the edge of your seat. The DXP is not your average run-of-the-mill pizza delivery car. The sound of that might make you all hot and bothered, but not as hot as the pizzas and other delicious foods inside the DXP. Inside, the changes are even more transformative. All the seats except the driver's have been removed and replaced by specially built plastic trays and holders that can accommodate up to 80 pizzas.

The left rear passenger door has been removed, and in its place is a degree pizza-warming oven with The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off exterior access door that raises above the roof at the touch of a key fob. The oven can fit four pizzas, and when the oven door is up, a puddle light with the Domino's logo illuminates the area to the DXP's side, showing the driver what they might be accidentally stepping in.

So tell me, Mr. Pizza Hut dude. Doesn't it sound like Dominos is "out-pizza"ing the Hut? It has been 4 hours since I successfully sucked my own penis. Things are different now. As soon as mouth-to-penis contact was made I felt a shockwave through my body. I have reason to believe I have super strength and telekinesis now. I fear for my safety, I'm not sure what sort of power I may have stumbled upon but it's possible that the government has found out. If I don't upd. Surrender, surrender Go under bright water The flooding is coming Give up to Sunfucker The naked, the crawling They become us while burning Surrender, surrender Sunfucker is calling We are righteous, we are blighted We are liquid, ignited We're stealing your breathing Your weeping is cleaning Sunfucker: True Eater!

Sunfucker: True Blinder! Why am I on this earth? I worship The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off Fuck me The 2d woman is superior to the generic The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off human female in every conceivable way.

The 2d lady will never call you unfuckable or a creep or a neckbeard. The 2d woman can be expertly animated in a myriad of intellectually stimulating ways, such as tentacle style hentai orgies involving Waluigi, Squidward, and lolicon characters and situations.

I've never met a female to match myself intellectually, and I have come to prefer the 2d woman to the basic plebeian Chaddites of today. I find it utterly humorous that the 'women' of today even attempt to compare their inane and moronic and woesomely pathetic personalities with the intelligent and sexually satisfying 2d women available today.

It truly is quite laughable and says a lot about today's society. Cat is meow. Cat is meow meow meow meow. Man is wake to Cat on Words - Various - The One Year Compilation. Cat is want food.

Man is get food for Cat. Cat is put food in water. Man is move water away from food. Cat is still put food in water. Man is love Cat. Cat is warm and furry. Is Cat pillow? Yes, Cat is pillow. Cat is disagree and is meow and run. Man is giggle and chase.

Cat is become 2-D and is behind dresser. Man is lure Cat out with fake mouse on string. Man is hug and cuddle Cat. Cat is twist and squirm. Cat is Copacabana - Dick Farney - Copacabana through litterbox.

Cat is sit in litterbox and stare off into space. Cat is poop. Man is watch. Later Man is sit on toilet and stare The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off phone. Now Man is poop and This Life, Which Seems So Fair - Campion*, Jonson*, Herrick* - The English Poets From Chaucer To Yea is watch.

Man is do homework. Cat is no. Cat is lay on homework. Cat is play with pencil. Cat is feel paper on belly. Cat is like crinkle sounds. Man is think. Man is solve. Man is get backup paper. Cat is sit on backup paper. Man is do homework and Cat is satisfy. Is morning. Cat is find sunbeam. Cat is play with motes of dust. Cat is lay in sunlight. Cat is nap. Now cat is stare out Why Walk On Water When Weve Got The Boats - A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart Re-Issue. Cat is see world.

Cat is see bug on window. Cat is want bug. Cat is paw window. Bug is other side. Cat is see Bird hopping by. Bird is see bug. Bird is eat bug. Cat is envy. Cat is find spider.

Cat is paw spider. Spider is run. Cat is break spiderlegs. Spider is hobble. Cat is watch. Spider is four leg hobble. Spider is play dead.

Cat is paw paw paw paw. Spider is no play dead. Man is type. Cat is sit on keybosdjuswdjbnnnnnm. Man is move Cat. Cat is returnewkqjlh. Cat is sit on backup laptop. Man is type and Cat is satisfy. Man is college. Cat is not come. Mother is care for Cat. Mother is leave door open. Cat is outside. Cat is yes.

Cat is bugs. Cat is wind. Cat is grass. Cat is smell and sound and blue sky. Cat The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off out. Man is come home. Man is see no Cat. Man is sad. Man is remember Cat. Man is hope Cat remember Man. Hey you lil' piss baby, you think you're so fucking cool? You think you're so fucking tough? Kid Cudi is a rapper, singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist as well, it seems.

Who had a pretty promising start to his music career, his professional commercial music career in the previous decade, he was delivering some very moody and introspective hip-hop that not a lot of other rappers were. And while I didn't really go head over heels for his stuff, I thought his follow-up to his debut was kind of mediocre, The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off was pretty indifferent to it, but at least he wasn't like a generic artist to me, he had a sound, he had a vibe that I could recognize.

But The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off immediately after The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off next album, Mr. Rager himself seemed to fall off, and not just quality wise, like he fell off the edge of sanity. And started to release some of the worst music of this decade, the faux rock album he did with that WZRD collaborative side project, also Indicud, which is a record that still haunts me to this day, to the point where I completely skipped over Mr.

However his new record over here my morbid curiosity got the best of me because I heard it was a rock record, actually the lead singles that were teasing this album songs like Confused as well as Wedding Tux and also Judgmental Cunt, these songs were kind of intriguing to me I guess it was sort of interesting to see Scott going in another direction.

What Cudi lacks in musical chops a lot of the time, he has The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off attitude and emotion and genres like grunge and alternative rock and punk music emotion and an attitude are the cornerstones of these styles of music so Cudi might pull through on this one. This is easily the worst record I've had to review this year, maybe not the worst album I've heard this year, I mean there's certainly worse records, but the worst album I've had to review. And it's very rare that I define albums in those terms, but there have been some very special albums this year that came out and I had a very strong distaste for but this one takes the cake, the hair cake.

This thing is almost completely unlistenable the core of the album is 18 tracks long and if that wasn't The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode OffKid Cudi saw fit to add eight more songs of demos and rehearsal demos, which are even more of a wasteland than the core of the record.

On the last leg of this record, Kid Cudi spends this album pretending he's like Kurt Cobain, it's like the first part of the album is what he thought was his successful career and then he offs himself and then he spends the rest of the album convincing you that he was so great that you needed to hear these demos.

When in fact the demos are so awful, they're so weak, The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off so badly performed, they're even less listenable than all the songs that preceded them.

But for the first section of this album, there are really two sides to it, one side where Kid Cudi is boring you to tears and the other side where he's essentially just annoying you and getting on your nerves.

So on the boring side of these 18 tracks, Kid Cudi essentially recycles and repeats the most rudimentary of guitar riffs and drumbeats and The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off lines to the point where the tracks just get stale, within the first 30 seconds.

Kid Cudi, he might deliver some decent sounds and the production on this record overall, I think is pretty The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off that the analog tape definitely brings a nice heaviness and clarity and crispness and punchiness to these guitars and drums.

But Kid Cudi isn't writing songs, so much as he's writing little snippets and slivers of songs, and then just stringing them out for 2 to 5 minutes. Like on Confused or Screwed or Amen, the song Fairytale Remains as well, honestly I don't even know why I'm listing tracks out that is The Police - Every Breath You Take (The Singles) the musical premise of almost every song here.

The difference with the tracks that are bearable though is that they are maybe a little more visceral, a little more explosive so it kind of makes them just enjoyable, in comparison with these incredibly stale and annoying songs. They're actually some decent riffs on the songs Fade to Red or Man in the Night and still even in the context of this god-awful record The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off still enjoy Judgmental Cunt it's probably the most diverse and wild track The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off the entire record and I actually wish Cudi took as many risks on the other tracks here as he did on this song, because the vocal performances are wild, the guitars are heavy, the drums are punk as hell.

But the thing is these halfway decent tracks are nowhere near as plentiful enough or quality enough to raise the standard of this entire album. Needless to say the slower songs the more subtle songs, the ballads on here are even more painfully boring. Tracks like Wedding Tux or the incredibly long song adventures which is not only needlessly long in and of itself but it also features this asinine Beavis and Butt-Head skit at the end of it, actually quite a few tracks actually end with a Beavis and Butt-Head skit.

An honest-to-god appearance from Mike Judge, animator, writer, and voiceover artist, pretending to be Beavis and Butt-Head and acting out these really awkward dialogues in relation to this terrible album. You need to have kind of a base level of talent or at least some kind of like sober great musical idea before you just take tons of drugs and then embark on some The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off of musical recording adventure, because that this will happen.

He just seems to travel further and further down this rabbit hole of awfulness and I just kind of wonder how far it can go. I will say though, quite a few of the lyrics on this record are incredibly dark, they're depressive, their suicidal, they deal in drug addiction. However, a lot of the very repetitive and very plain language that Kid Cudi uses on a lot of these tracks, I think fails to kind of translate the pain that he's experiencing. Also, the fact that so many of the songs on this record are musically inept, it sort of keeps his message from having any impact.

Not going to get too deep into it, but another thing that I have notoriously never enjoyed about Kid Cudi's music, once again it's terrible here, the vocals. You know, the 18 tracks that Cudi delivers initially on this album are bad enough, but then once we get into the demo section of this record, it just turns soul-sucking it's like once you've knocked the person out, you're just jumping on top of them and holding their arms down and smashing their face in until they're just a bloody pulp of nothing.

It's like he's at such a high level of delusion that this becomes what you want to release as your album, 90 minutes of this. If I talk about this thing anymore, the migraine that this album, the seed of a migraine that this album planted in my head is gonna get worse. So for my sake and for your sake, let's just call it here. I'm feeling a 0, on this record a big fat goose egg. You know, there are a few riffs here and there that are somewhat okay, but then the ridiculous lyrics and the Beavis and Butt-Head sketches just pull away from anything with this album an in terms of a saving grace, including the final moments of the record, the whole demo section.

I'm gonna just leave. My name is Ben Shapiro. Conservative thought leader. Prominent white YouTuber. The Muggsy Bogues of the intellectual dark Web. If you are triggered by that request, I do not care. I truly do not. First, thank you for agreeing to debate me. Huzzah, good sir. Second, any pizza I order will be male. Pizza is a boy. With a penis. And, trust me, that is not a fate you wish to meet. With regard to my topping preference. I have eaten from your pizzeria in times past, and it must be said: your pepperoni is embarrassingly spicy.

Frankly, it boggles the mind. I mean, what kind of drugs are you inhaling over there? One bite of that stuff and I had to take a shower. So tread lightly when it comes to spice, my good man. You do not want to see me at my most epic. Onions, peppers—no, thank you. And your efforts to Michelle Obama-ize the great American pizza pie are, frankly, hilarious. A true Spartan admits defeat, and I must admit that, in this instance, your Hut humor slayed me, Dennis Miller style.

And, with that, you have earned my order. Without further ado, I would like your smallest child pizza, no sauce, extra cheese. A hang-up. Another triggered lib, bested by logic.

Damn it. Yeah, ey It's the thirst, thirstiest time of the year ey, yeah I have just one query what's that? Wanna Sprite Cranberry? The answer is clear It's the thirst, thirstiest time of the year Sprite! Can be used to talk about the male anatomy or breasts. Sugoi kirei. Often used to talk about breasts. Tread carefully with this one. See above. Hey bitch, this is a based freestyle I ain't gonna lie to none of y'all pussy ass suckers, or none of y'all bitches, bruh I'mma eat the whole ass, bruh Eat it!

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Straight up, you feel me? For them, uh, females, you know what it do. You -- mmm. My music taste? Why, yes, you could say I'm fairly eclectic.

How about you? The fact that so many straight people still name traps as "the gayest or most homosexual or most faggy" fetish ever only tells you how far straight porn still is from becoming a serious art. Gay porn critics have long recognized that the greatest fetishes of all times are rimjobs and light bondage, which were not the most famous or acclaimed or most-fapped-to of their times, let alone of all times.

Pansexual porn critics rank the highly controversial watersports over fetishes that were highly popular in brothels around Japan. Straight porn critics are still blinded by spooks. Traps involve always taking it up the ass not true, by the waytherefore they must be gay. Straight The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off critics are often totally ignorant of the doujins and videos of the past, they barely know the most-downloaded.

No wonder they will think that traps are even the least bit gay. The use of machine textures to capture and amplify deeply human joy. Stuck in a maze Everything's okay Scabs - Rolo Tomassi - Hysterics it's not really okay My life's a death race I'm numbing my pain with codeine rain I'm going insane Life's not the same Stuck in a maze I'm not going in My brain is going everywhere I'm tormented every day Mama, I'm losing my mental The sorrows I've been through Story to be continued I sip ill, pop pills, crack seals Doing anything to numb the weight that I feel, yeah I chase thrills, you still crashin' Hot Wheels Ride a dirt bike down the ditch, see if I live I'm not in my subconscious, I'm conscious They tell me that they can help me, I got this Watch this, I took my demons into the bank of life and I made the biggest deposit Without drugs, I'm losing my logic These pills and my Pro Tools still got logic I run, I run, I run I run, I run, I run.

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Urine and feces, our body's two most undesired excrements. Yet, this linear juxtaposition of them brings something comical about. In the old man's vernacular, both share the structure of a repeated three-letter word that starts The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off 'p' followed by two of the same letters. A The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off concoction of alphabets to describe two unwanted, yet inevitable elements of our bodily function.

But isn't that life? A complicated machine of deceptively elementary constituents. There are no ulterior reasons The Higher They Climb - C.T.P* - The Higher They Climb these elements, yet when they form a whole When observing the pee pee and the poo poo as constituents of life, wouldn't it make sense to also see them for what they are? As runoffs of our physical form?

One may even elaborate on our physical waste as the waste of our spirituality, the waste of our life. We pain ourselves over the past, the wastes we left behind, but the past is complicated by our nature of nostalgia when really it's all so simple!

Confirming this suspicion is the 'old' in 'old man. It all comes down to something devilishly plain, something simple enough to warrant description in mere The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off speak.

Just curious. Is it morally correct to bang catgirls? In order to answer this question, we must consider the wether a catgirl can consent to sex. We will be using the catgirls of nekopara for reference as they're currently among the most popular catgirls out of all of them.

When dealing with interspecies intercouse, the "Harkness Test" is one of the most respected tests for determining whether you can bang a creature or not.

It involves three tests, which are the following: - The first test: Does it have at least human intelligence? Now remember, we must pass all three before we can smash. For test one, the catgirls in the game are shown to understand the concept of holding a job as they all work inside of the pastry shop. They also understand monetary value as well as the importance of doing a good job. I think that this very clearly proves that they understand human concepts such as work, therefore they have passed test one.

For test two, the The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off are shown to be able to speak perfect japanese, meaning that they can communicate in language. For test three, the youngest catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, are shown to go into heat, meaning that all catgirls that the mc bangs are of sexual maturity! According to these findings, you are allowed to bang the catgirls, according to the Harkness test, but with that being said, that only partially answers our question of morality as the actual ages of Chocola and Vanilla are questionable, to say the least.

As a result, we must take into account their equivalent Human Age into our morality calculations. Age conversions do get a bit muddy because cat years work differently than human years.

A general rule is that the first two years of a cat's life are roughly equivalent to the first 25 of a human's. This should give us their equivalent ages in human years. And those ages are Thy earnings released, Thy stock price increase, in America and Eurasia. Give us this day our quarterly dividends. And forgive us our short options, as we sell those who trespass against The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off. Shut the fuck up.

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I hope you fucking die in a high-speed car crash. I Get On Up (Theos Late Dub) - Various - Pure Filth you fucking fall head first and get your neck cracked. I hope you have some beautiful children that die from cancer.

I hope you catch zika when your wife gets pregnant. I hope you win the lottery and die the next day, and your daughter has to see you getting lowered in your grave. Autechre's Elseq was a download-only release of almost four hours of music, divided into five volumes. In the age of DVD box-sets of television series, this was the The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off equivalent of a television series.

These invisible digital files that replaced the physical LP and CD have the property of being virtually infinite. As the capacity of computer memory increases exponentially, The Rivers Lament - PCP - God Mode Off could program a computer to generate millions of hours of "music".

Listening to parts of these releases, two questions came to mind: 1. What is the definition of "garbage" in the world of software? Can repetition be chaotic? The second question is an oxymoron in mathematics but not in art. The first question is about value in a world whose population increases more than exponentially the population of software objects.

Walter Benjamin was obsessed with "the age of mechanical reproduction", but the world is rapidly entering into the age of mechanical creation: the issue is not that we can make an unlimited number of duplicates of an artifact, but that we can make an unlimited number of artifacts, each different from all others. The digital media of production and distribution enable the serial multiplication of artifacts.

You can define "garbage" as something that is useless or as something that is disgusting. Both are relative judgments, so what is garbage for you may not be garbage for me. However, one can also define "garbage" as something that is worthless or disposable.

That is a quantitative definition because you can measure how "worth it" something is. The more artifacts you have, the less "worth it" each one is. When the supply vastly exceeds the demand, the value is Streets - Red, White & Blue - Patriotic Glory. The misunderstood importance of presence began in the visual arts, with the works of Frank Stella, Robert Morris, Agnes Martin, Ellsworth Kelly, and so on, the evangelists of the "less is more" ideology.

The justification of presence, however, is not trivial. Absence, instead, is always ok. Absence can be thrilling, stressful, poignant.


Two Tribes (Rob Searle Club Mix Radio Edit) - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme - Rebel Kim - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme / Heart Of Glass, Open Drive - Various - Hammond Heroes, Ugly Dream - Kim Fowley And The BMX Bandits - Hidden Agenda At The 13th Note (Live), Verso Te - Peppino Di Capri E I Suoi Rockers - Peppino By Night, Alfonso Ortiz Tirado - Cabellera Blanca / Madre Mía (Shellac), Plamen Mrtvih - Celephais - Plamen Mrtvih, Radetsky Mars - Orkest De Oranjetoeters - Hup Holland Hup, Redwing - California Blues / Dark Thursday, When Sunny Gets Blue - Mel Tormé, George Shearing - A Vintage Year (SACD, Album), Stand By Me (Live) - Ike & Tina Turner - Le Meilleur DIke & Tina Turner, Where The Streets Have No Name - U2 - The Joshua Tree, Change Mind (Jun Kuroda Remix) - Mwk - Change Mind EP (File)

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